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zipping the exe and config file


Hi Rohit,
This can be a quite a handy tool sometimes when technical team meets functional.
There are one or two points from my side.
  1. Can you zip both the .exe and .config files.. First, I downloaded only the .exe file
  2. I might just want to use one .btm file and not the whole folder.. though I can copy to a different folder etc., why the hassle
  3. By default, your tool looks for C:\Users\rohit_sapru\Desktop\New Folder and it doesn't run without it.


mohitsapru wrote May 9, 2011 at 11:43 AM

Thanks for your comments, I have taken care of 1 st point, as for 2nd point it was coded for processing large number of files. When i get time i will change it to process a given file
and for point number 3, location is a configurable option, you can change it in Config file and tool will look into that folder.

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